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Beginners Guide

A Guide for Beginners to Piracy


How do I tell if a site or download is safe? Any tips?

Check out Booty Guard our basic safety guide.

Still feel unsure? Reach out to us via Discord & make sure you've looked at sites/software we've listed as unsafe: here

I don't know what seeding means or insert other term...

You will find almost all terms related to piracy & more on The Piracy Glossary

Didn't find it and still confused? Reach out to us via Divolt.

How do I download Photoshop/Adobe Products for free?

You can download pre-cracked Adobe products from M0nkrus | How to download from M0nkrus or Patch it yourself following these guides here & for MacOS go here


M0nkrus is a well trusted and reputable source for adobe software in the piracy community.

How do I download/activate Windows/Office for free?

For Windows check out this section

For Office check these guides

Where do I find insert game title / movie title?

For movies check out this and for new movies it's a good idea to keep an eye on r/movieleaks.

For sites to stream from check out this section.


Pirated releases generally happen after a movie is digitally released or released via Blu-Ray / DVD, which can take 3 months+ after initially playing in theaters.

For games use Rezi or any site listed here and for newly released games check r/crackwatch.


Please avoid downloading games from The Pirate Bay or any site listed: here

How do I unlock insert random game title DLCs?

Use the tools listed here to unlock DLCs.

Should I install & use insert random anti-virus software instead of using Windows Defender?

No don't do that, windows defender is more than good enough, you don't need another anti-virus, but if you're set on installing a secondary AV the one worth installing is Malwarebytes. Please read the note here.


Stay away from Avast, Norton and McAfee, these are "bloatware" and generally not safe software.

How do I bypass this paywalled article?

Use this / 2 to read the article easily.

How do I download image from insert stock site?

You can use this if this doesn't work you can find similar stock image downloaders here.

Windows Piracy

Linux Piracy

MacOS Piracy




Piracy sites have ads, so it's highly recommended to install UBlock Origin. Also note that it's not recommended to use more than one adblocker at a time.



Antivirus software is usually bloatware. Stick to trusted sources for games and software and you will be fine with nothing but Windows Defender and an occasional Malwarebytes scan. Remember to always scan software before installing with tools like VirusTotal / VToncolab or use it in Sandboxie.



Note that a VPN is not needed outside of torrenting. You can avoid the need for one altogether by sticking to direct download and streaming sites.




When using DDL it's generally recommended to use a download manager such as Internet Download Manager(IDM) or JDownloader, they improve the ease of downloading along with the speeds. You'll find them here



Torrenting can get you in trouble with your ISP, so make sure to use a VPN. Most VPNs offer a killswitch to prevent data leaks, but it's much more effective to bind your VPN to your client, preventing it from connecting at all unless your VPN is on.


Android Piracy

iOS Piracy

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