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Sections too big to fit on main pages

3D Modeling Apps ​ / Discord, Spline, Anim8or, Wings 3D, JustSketchMe, Tinkercad, ChokokuCAD, POV-Ray, FreeCAD, Vectary, LibreCAD, Art of Illusion, BRL-CAD, Posturize, Morflax, Polycam, Womp

3D Models ​, Sketchfab, GrabCAD, 3DCU, 3DLOAD, CGdownloads, Pack 3d models, 3DLOAD, cgtrader, Free3D, VRModels, CadNav, Blender 3D Models, Render-State, Open3dModel, KiCad, Archive3D, TopGFX, 3DExport, 3DMili Free Shop, ArchibasePlanet, Cults, 3dsky, TurboSquid, 3D Warehouse, BlenderKit, 3DMili,, RIGModels, Printables, Thangs, Pinshape, NASA 3D Resources, CG World, Blender Add-on, 3D Find It, free3dbase, open3dlab, blendswap, PolyHaven

Alternative Search Engines ​

Bing, Lycos, WebCrawler, Million Short, Andi, Excite, Metacrawler, entireweb, Carrot2, 4Search,, Yahoo, FrogFind!, Visymo Search, AOL, All in One, All the Internet,, BizNar, WorldWideScience, ZincSearch, Whoogle Search, infospace, 2lingual,

Alternative Software / App Sites ​

Ethical, Slant, SaaSHub,,, Top Best Alternatives,, Open Source Alternative To,, ListAlternative, Free Competitors, AppMus

Android Audio Players ​

Harmonoid, VLC for Android, mpv-android, Foobar2000, Vanilla Music, Retro Music Player, Auxio, Apollo Music Player, Music Player GO, Nyx Music Player, ExoPlayer, mucke, Phonograph Plus, Musicmax, Pulse Music, Zen Music Player, SimpleMP-Compose, BladePlayer, Salt Player

Android Browsers ​

Iceraven Browser, Kiwi Browser, Stargon Browser, Ecosia, Via Browser, Fulguris

Privacy Based ​

Android Note Apps ​

Markor, sNotz, Google Keep, Bundled Notes, ColorNote, Notion, Joplin, Notebook, UpNote, OneNote, neutriNote, Writer Plus, Orgzly, Justnote, Note to Self, Noto, Obsidian, Saber (tablets), Quillpad, Spooky, Moe Memos, Ara Note, Notally, Omni Notes, Walling, Orion, memos, NotiNotes, DailyNote, Workflowy, OpenNote

To-Do Apps ​

Android Video Players ​

MX Player / Codec, mpv-android, Nova Video Player, Fermata Media Player, Aos AVP, SPlayer, Next Player, M3UAndroid / Telegram

App / Site Mockups ​

Previewed, Mockup World, DeviceShots, DeviceFrames,, medialoot, MockMagic, MockupsForFree, zippypixels, Mockuphone, TheMockupClub, RiseShot, Upmock, LS Graphics, Picasso

Browser eBook Readers ​

Online Cloud File Viewer, Ebook Reader for web, Readwok, ePub Reader Online, Ebook Reader, epub.js

Browser Startpages ​

8bitdash, 8 Bit Dashboard, Startpage Emporium, Awesome Startpage, Clippingmini, Draggo, Pearltrees, Nextcloud, Cling, Symbaloo, Tixio, Bento,, nightly, Protopage, tilde, Fluidity / GitHub, AllMyFaves

Customizable New Tab Page

Minimal Startpage, hexagonTab, CaretTab, mesmerized, Bonjourr, Perfect Home, Yet Another Speed Dial, Tabliss, Infinity New Tab, b2ntp, Terminal-style new tab page, Renewed Tab, Anori, Momentum

CLI Cheat Sheets ​

Awesome for One Liner, You Don't Need GUI, Helmanual, CommandlineFU, how2, Bash Academy, ss64 Bash, Bash Oneliner

Coding Tutorials ​

RIP Tutorial, Programiz, Python Tutor, calmcode, Tuts 4 You, Codelabs, Free Ebook Foundation, Nayuki, ZetCode, Xah Code,, Guru99, Use My Notes, Ultimate Programming All-in-One Tutorials, Project Based Learning, Javatpoint, Techno Smarter, tutorialkart

Collaboration Platforms ​

Doozy, Zulip, LucidSpark, Miro, Mattermost, Twake, Asana, Freedcamp, Lumeer, Slab, Focalboard, WeKan, Kanboard, Mural, Dendron, Lucidchart, Trello, Planka, Taskcafe, Room, Atlassian, linear, ScreenRec, nino

Command Line Shells ​

fish, Elvish, Es, Ion, Xonsh, Nushell

Covers / Posters ​

The Poster Database, Cover Century, covrik, DVD Covers, Gaming Alexandria, The Poster Collector, Movie Posters Gallery, Film on Paper, GameTDB, JoBlo, /r/MoviePosterPorn, IMP Awards, Fanart, The Cover Project, covercity, libretro

Album Art ​

Album Art Downloader, kunst, Apple-Music-Animated-Artwork-Fetcher, Classic Rock Covers

Data Visualization Tools ​

Data GIF Maker, Flourish, Datawrapper, chartd, Chart.xkcd, QuickChart, Percival, amCharts, ACME Chartmaker, ParaView, Dia, RawGraphs, yEd Live, Mermaid, LineGraphMaker, SwimLanes, Quiver, Gephi, Graphviz / Editor, graphonline, Diagramify, Charts Builder, diagramgpt

Design Resources ​

design-resources-for-developers, Freebies.ByPeople, IM Creator, Design Bundles, Design Resources,, GraphicsFuel, Pixeden, Sketch Repo, Interfacer, Freebiesbug, Sketch App Sources, FreebiesUI, Envato Elements Downloader, Creative Fabrica,, Evernote.Design, GFXTRA, XSGames,, UI STORE DESIGN, Charco, Craftwork, Pixelbuddha, squax, 𝖌𝖗𝖕𝖍𝖈 𝖉𝖘𝖌𝖓 𝖇𝖆𝖈𝖐𝖚𝖕, all 4 designer, Kropes Leaking Server, Gift4Designer, GFXMountain, Buckets Of Bookmarks, degreeless

Dictionaries ​

GoldenDict, 2, NinjaWords, Wordnik, Oxford English Dictionary / Bypass, Cambridge Dictionary, LDOCE, Wiktionary, Lexicool,Vocabulary, TheFreeDictionary, WordSense, Dictionary, Spellcheck

DNS Filters ​

hBlock, someonewhocares, MVPS HOSTS, Hosts File Aggregator, Spamhaus, Anudeep's Blacklist, Lightswitch05, black-mirror, Scam Blocklist, hBlock, Additional Undesired Hosts, neodevhost, Piperun's IP-Logger Filter, GoodbyeAds, mullvad blocklists, The Block List Project

Domain Availability ​

BrandSnap, atlaq,, Pyfunceble,,,, instantdomainsearch, IWantMyName, domaingarden, expireddomains, Domainr

Domain Info Tools ​

WhoisRequest, Rankchart, Harpoon, MXToolBox, Whois Lookup, IPIP.NET, WebStatsDomain, AtSameIP, DNSlytics, AnalyzeID, LinkScope

DOS Games ​

DOS Games Archive, DOSBox, DOS HAVEN, The Software Library, Best Old Games, DOSGames, PlayDOSGames, RGB Classic Games, Abandonware DOS, Online DOS games, Classic Games

Down Site Checkers ​

Is The Service Down?,, Downdetector, websitedown, UpDown Radar, lychee, Dead Link Checker, Online Broken Link Checker, Dr. Link Check, HTTPStatus

Email Clients ​

ElectronMail, eM Client, RainLoop, Roundcube, Spike, Canary, Twobird, Kanmail, Wino

Encrypted Android Messengers ​

Status, Confide, ChatSecure, Snikket, RetroShare, BiP, Olvid, Berty, OpenKeychain, NewNode, Kontalk, Wire

Video / Text

Jami, Syphon, Mesibo, SmallTalk, Element / 2

Encrypted Messengers ​

Bitmessage, Speek, Retroshare, Off-the-Record Messaging, Session, Demonsaw, Enigma, mx moment, Keybase, Cwtch, BiP, SimpleX, emberclear, Commune, Mesh, CoyIM, RicochetRefresh

Matrix Home Servers ​

Conduit, Public Matrix Homeservers, Public Matrix Homeservers Archive, Public Servers

Encrypted XMPP Servers ​

Server List, Hot Chilli, /, dismail, blah,

Encyclopedias ​

Britannica,EverybodyWiki, Encyclopedia, NewWorldEncyclopedia, Citizendium, Wikitia,, InfoPlease, Refdesk

Fun Indexes ​, Oimo, AIDN, Neave / 2, BoredHumans, puissant, ThisIsMyWebsiteNow, Mr.doob, Bimble Space, Creative Tech Guy, Just For Fun, Andrew Marsh, JenniferDewalt, Chrome Experiments, 0x2a, yezi, topster, p5aholic,, WilliamHoza, Rinkworks, Orteil, funwebsite, Toms.Toys, Pointless Sites, Funny / Useless

Free DNS Servers ​

Free VPN Configs ​

Free Webhosting Sites ​

codeberg, profreehost, 000webhost, infinityfree, openshift, cloudaccess, Gitlab Pages, glitch,, coolify, wix,, webs, weebly, yola, WordPress / 2, jimdo, awardspace, pythonanywhere, droppages, Zeronet, Zeronet 2, ibm cloud, hubzilla, site123, hostbreak, tilda, BitBucket, render, Fleek, stormkit, freehosting, freewebhostingarea, freenom, milkshake, ikoula, fanspace, dotera, fc2, w3schools, freehostia, olitt, uhostfull, x10hosting, lenyxo, yunohost, 1freehosting,, ultifreehosting, aeonfree, bravenet, atspace, aava, netlib, unison

Game Engines ​

2D / 3D Engines ​

Unity / Cheat Sheet / Patcher, Defold, Bevy Engine, / Extensions, ursina engine, stride3d / GitHub, cocos / GitHub, microStudio

2D Engines ​

Torque2D / Discord, starling / GitHub, HaxeFlixel, GB Studio / GitHub / Reddit / Discord, Flame, GameMaker / Online, Arcade Game Designer / 2Pixelbox, PQ93, GDevelop / 2, Bitsy, Script 8, Tic80, Byond, LÖVE, Scratch

3D Engines ​

Cave Engine, OpenXRay / Discord, cryengine / Discord, armory3d / GitHub, torque3d / GitHub / Discord, Panda3D

GDrive File Sharing ​

Geometry Dash Demon Lists ​

Git Projects ​

git:logs, Awesome Made by Brazilians, Awesome Opensource Apps, opensauced, LibHunt, bestofjs

Google Piracy Discussion Groups ​

Image Download Extensions ​

Download all Images, Cute Save Button, DownAlbum, Save Images, svgexport, svg-grabber, SVG Gobbler, Image Picka

IPTV Tools ​

Forum / Players / Manager / Playlists / Search / m3u to txt / M3U Editor / M3U Downloader / CLI / List Checker

Language Learning Networks ​

InterPals, Tandem, Conversation Exchange, RhinoSpike, Conversly, Lang-8

LibGen Mirrors ​

LibGen Tools ​

Desktop / Search Extension / Need Seeds / Telegram Bot / Convert to Text / Backup / /r/libgen

Linux Themes ​

Gnome-Look, Themix, Arc, Flatablous Arc, Material Ocean, Ant, xfce-look, UnixPorn

Live Webcams ​

EarthCam, Explore, Opentopia, WebcamGalore, WebcamTaxi, WorldCams, WorldCam, BalticLiveCam, SkylineWebcams, CamStreaner, /r/controllablewebcams / Discord, PicTimo, WXYZWebcams snoweye, camscape, whatsupcams, worldcam, webcamhopper,, Windy Webcams, Insecam, Airport Webcams (Airports), TFLJamCams, seattlesouthside, portugal-live, livecamcroatia, myrtlebeach, sootoday, interlochen, whitehouse cam, yellowstone cam, carowinds, zellamsee, wpri, hdontap, floridakeyswebcams, earthtv, geocam, livefromiceland, world-cam, mangolinkworld, mylivestreams, spain-grancanaria, visitlondon, ctsfl, aruba, fogcam, bigrigtravels, lochness, abbeyroad, camsecure, ISS, worldlivecamera

Animal Cams ​

Monterey Bay Aquarium, San Diego Zoo,, AnimalsLife, Africam, NationalZoo, BirdCams, CritterYard, AquariumOfPacific, Curlie Webcam Animals

M3U Players ​

PlaylistEditorTV, ustvgo-iptv, LivePush, IPTVNator / Telegram

Magic / Esoteric Telegram Ebooks ​

Manga Downloaders ​

Comics Downloader, Comic-DL, work_crawler, MangaBot, Manga Downloader, HDoujinDownloader, FMD2, mangadesk, manga2mobi, Akianonymus, mangodl, anime-dl, manga-py, mangal

Manga Readers ​

AllMangasReader, Houdoku, Adolla, OpenComic, Tachidesk-Sorayomi, Manga-Organizer, MangaOnlineViewer, LANraragi, Mangayomi, Fukayo

Self-Hosted ​

HappyPanda X, Tenma, KavitaReader, Tanoshi, Komga / GitHub / Discord, atsumeru

Minecraft Mods ​

Planet Minecraft, MC Archive, ModBay, FiberMC

Minecraft Optimization Mods ​

OptiFine, Ferrite Core, Caffeine, Lithium, Ares, VulkanMod, essential

Minecraft Servers ​

MineFort, Minehut, Aternos, Cuberite, FMHL / GitHub, Pufferfish, Paper, oracle-cloud , mcho, fps, World Host

Minecraft Server Tools ​

Minecraft Launchers ​

UltimMC, MultiMC, Legacy Launcher 2, HMCL / 2, TechnicPack, LabyMod, Crystal Launcher, GDLauncher, X Minecraft Launcher

Multi-Console Browser Emulators ​

WebRCade, RetroGames,, ClassicReload, Retro Games Bot, Vizzed, Free80sArcade, Retro Uprising, Retro Games, Play Classic Games, ClassicGames, Emulator.Games, GamulatoR, AfterPlay, Aurora., Online.OldGames, Retro Games Online, PlayEmulator, 2, Emulator Games Online, Virtual Consoles, OldGameShelf, Emulator Online, PlayRetroGames, MyEmulator, Retro Games Free, PlayRetroGames, Piepacker, Tiny8bit, ClassicGame, ClassicGamesArcade, Radyolojinet, WePlayOld

Multireddits ​

Piracy / 2 / 3 / 4, Random / 2, Streaming, Cord Free TV, Piracy Leaks, News, Tech, Left / 2, Mysteries, Aliens, Paranormal, Metaphysics, Minimalism, Countries / 2, International AskARedditor, Text Only, Chess, Engineering

Multi Dev Tool Sites ​, WebdevHome, Eclipse Foundation, DevBox, Free Developer Stuff, Tiny Tools, Clean CSS, Dev Resources,, Utilities and Tools Online, Free Online Tools for Everyone, Online String Tools, Coders Tool, Prototypr, AppDevTools, IT Tools, Addy, Omatsuri, devina, OpenUtils, wangchujiang, quickso

Multi Tool Sites ​

PineTools, 123Apps, iTools, ManyTools,Rumkin, Sumo, UnitPedia, prepostseo, Digital Methods, AppsCyborg, JNCK Media, BlackHost, BfoTool, SeoMagnifier, FreeToolOnline,,, tinywow, Inettools, TuckTools, Ian Coleman,, URL Decode, goonlinetools, garyshood, RandomTools, piliapp, KodyTools, aruljohn, Argyle, Toolki, aionlinetools, Trom,, onlinetools,

Music Notation Editors ​

Music Sheet Collections ​

General Music Sheets ​

Specific Music Sheets ​

MPV Shaders ​

MSX Games ​

MSXGamesWorld, MSX Resource Center, Generation MSX, File Hunter, download.file-hunter, MSXAbandonware

Open Directory Search String Builder ​

strixx, lendx, eyeofjustice, lumpysoft, opendirsearch, Ewasion, doyouneedmorehdd, Reecemercer, odfinder, thuvien

Pentesting Resources ​

Piracy Site Proxies ​

Knaben's Proxy List, unblockninja, uProxy, unblocktorrent, / 2 / 3 / 4, piracyproxy, unblocksource, dirproxy, ProxyNinja, ninjaproxy1, ABCProxy, immortalproxy

PNG Images / Clipart ​

CleanPNG, PNGWing, PNGEgg, AnyRGB, HiClipart, HDClipArtAll, pngmart, pngall, pngplay, freepngimg, KindPNG, FreePNGLogos, PNGFind, PikPng, PNGHero, PlusPNG, PNGHut, pinpng, openclipart

Poll Sites ​

PollCode, YoPolls,, minipoll, PickVote, StrawPoll, framadate, mobpoll, polltab, polling-app,,, matepoll, typeform

Live Polling ​

slido, Feedbackr, Trypingo

Presentation Tools ​

Marp, ZoomIt, Presentator, Fusuma, Pitch, Zoho Show, Webslides, FreeShow, Presenta, OpenLearning, Slideshare / Downloader

Presentation Templates ​

SlidesGo, Showeet, Slides Carnival, PresentationGO,, ThePOPP

Proxy Lists ​


Free-Proxy-List, Cool-Proxy, Proxy4Parsing / Telegram, OpenProxyList, ProxyScrape, proxy-list, proxy list, FreeProxyLists, ProxyNations,, cyber-gateway, ree-proxy-list, geonode, freeproxyupdate, proxypedia, proxydocker, proxyhub, proxy-list, free-proxy-list, proxydb, premiumproxy,, monosans list, jetkai list, megaproxylist, freeproxy

Radio Streaming Sites ​

Live Radio ​

iHeartRadio, OnlineRadioBox, LiveOnlineRadio, WebSDR, System Bus Radio, myTuner, Radio Browser, Zeno, TuneYou, Tvradiotuner,, Radiodeck, VRadio, WorldRadioMap, Streema, vTuner,, TheOneStopRadio, Radio Guide, Xiph, raddio

Internet Radio ​, CoreRadio, RadioParadise, IndieSHuffle, You42, Jango, RadioTunes, Live365, AccuraRadio, Radio.dubbeh, Tilderadio, AnonRadio, UpBeat / Discord,, SomaFM, ShoutCast, Internet-Radio, Radiolise, JetSetRadio,, radio.uwu, radcap

Random Generators ​

Cool Generator, The One Generator, Random-Ize, RANDOM, BestRandoms, Randommer, GeneratorFun, Springhole, Wiizard Generator, randomix, NumberGenerator, Random Lists, Random User Generator

Random Image Sites ​, Pretty Flix, Cameron.Red, Funnyjunk, f0ck, ImgFlip, 9Gag, Thread-Puller, IWasteSoMuchTime, iFunny, KongouCheats, RandomWaffle,, Heahy, z0r

Random Sites ​

BoredButton, Sharkle!, The Useless Web / 2, JumpStick, OpenBulkURL, The Forest, WhatsMYIP, Random-Website, Wilderness Land, CloudHiker, Moonjump

Remove Vocals ​

MDX23, VocalRemover / GUI / 2, PhonicMind, Ultimate Vocal Remover, x-minus, online-vocal-remover, Remove Vocals, vocali, voxremover, mazmazika, demixor, karaoke-maker, Ilaria_UVR

Royalty Free Music ​

Free Music Archive, joshwoodward, wowsound, epidemicsound, Pixabay Music, audiomicro, Starfrosch, Mubert, ccHound, MusicScreen, FilmMusic, Fugue, EDMRF, chosic, Anttis Instrumentals / Torrent, Sampld, BLueFoxMusic, ScottBuckley, Creative Commons Jazz, tunetank, audiolibrary, purple-planet, freemusicpublicdomain, cctrax

Scene Release Trackers ​

Send Anonymous Emails ​

5ymail, anonymousemail, anonymouse, sendanonymousemail, Remailer, mailfreeonline

Site Legitimacy Check ​

ThreatStop,, Scamadviser, IsLegitSite, scanurl, Google Safe Browsing, ZScaler, Talos, Trend Micro, ScamRate

SMS Verification Sites ​

2ndline, TextNow, smspool, GetFreeSMSNUmber, SMS Receive, Receive SMS Online, receivesmsonline, My Trash Mobile, freesmsverification, temp-sms, temporary-phone-number, spoofbox, receive-sms-online, smsfinders, yunjisms, smscodeonline, mianfeijiema, jiemahao, storytrain, Temp Number, sms24, receive-smss, freesmscenter, receive-sms, spytm, receive-sms-free, tempsmss, quackr, smsnator, InboxSMS, anonymsms, onlinesim, ReceiveaSMS, Receive SMS Online Free, sms-activate, proovl, receivefreesms, receivesmsonline, hs3x, receiveonlinesms, freereceivesmsonline, shejiinn, jiemadi, freephonenum, receivesmsonline, freereceivesmsonline, 7sim, jiemagou, yunjiema, supercloudsms, us-phone-number, shownumber, receivesmsverification, yunduanxin, bestsms, 114sim, smsget, free-sms-receive

No CC Required Trial Sites ​

burstsms, directsms, vumber

Steam Workshop Downloaders ​

Websites ​,,, Workshop Script, ggntw

Programs ​

SCMD, steamworkshopdownloader

Streaming Site Clones ​

FMovies Clones ​

M4UFree Clones ​

SFlix Clones ​

Survival ​

OffGridDownload, ExploreMarMaris, /r/PrepperFileShare, The Preparedness Encyclopedia / Reddit

Switch ROMs ​

Tab Managers ​

OneTab, Tab Center Reborn, Simple Tab Groups, Tab Stash, Tab Butler, One Tab Group, TreeStyleTabs

Temp Email Sites ​

Adguard Temp Mail, 10 Minute Mail, tmail, Temp Mail, maildrop, mailinator, mailnesia, anonbox,, kuku, Email on Deck, Mohmal, temporarymail, FakeMailGenerator, emailfake, tempmailo, 10minutesemail, tempm, tempail, eyepaste, mintemail, sharklasers, yopmail,, dropmail, cryptogmail, inboxkitten, anonymmail, tmailweb, one-off, another-temp-mail, tempr, fakemail, email-generator, moakt, linshi-email, disposablemail, trashmail, fakermail, 10minutesmail, mailtemp, temporary-email,, mail-temp, easytrashmail, 1secmail, fex, email-fake, luxusmail, tempmail, spambox, tempmails, receivemail, rainmail, tempemail, burner, tempmail.altmails, instant-email,, temp-inbox, tempmaili, minuteinbox, emailtemp, tempmailid, emaildrop, 10minutemail, temprmail, 10minemail,,, tempinbox, yopmail, tmailor, temp-mailbox, bottlemail, internxt,, gettempemail, dispostable, 10minutemail,, trashmail,,, edumail, snapmail, mailcatch, email1,, haribu,,, YOPmail, vmail

Telegram Temp Mail Bots ​

Trashmail, TrashEmail, smtpbot, smtpbot, DropmailBot, fakemailbot

Temp Mail Extensions ​

Bloody Vikings!

Telegram Anime Downloads ​

Telegram eBook Download ​

Text Adventures ​

IFDB (Index), Seedship, TextAventures, Web Adventures, WrittenRealms, doublespeak, Genesis, Fateful Quest, Level 13

Torrent to GDrive ​


Use throwaway accounts with these

Collab ​

QBit to Gdrive / How-To, Torrent_To_Google_Drive_Downloader

Telegram Bots ​

Udemy Coupons ​


If you're in the US you should be able to access Udemy courses for free using your library and looking for "Gale Presents Udemy."

discudemy, bestcouponhunter, BARONIP COUPONS, freebiesglobal, onlinecourses, cursosdev, 100offdeal, UdemyKing, CourseArrayDownloadr, Giga Course, Udemy 24, FreeCourseWeb, Download Online Tutorials Free, UdemyFreeCourses, Study Bullet / Telegram, TutsNode, /r/udemyfreebies, Online Courses Tracker, Techlinks, Real.Discount, OnlineTutorials

Udemy TG Channels ​

URL Unshorteners ​

ExpandURL,, WhereGoes, urlxray, unshorten, linkunshorten

Website Creators ​

vitepress, retype, Feather Wiki, SouPalt, Barly, Zola, Jamstack Generators, Jekyll, Tails, vveb, Potion, 8b, WebFlow, EasyLogic, Universe,, GrapeDrop, Specctr, Astro, TypeDream, Processwire, Google Sites, AngelFire

Simple Site Creators ​

Straw.Page, Own Free Website, itty.bitty, mmm, cargo, Jigsy, Temper, Neocities, Mobirise, Silex, Publii, Eleventy, nekoweb, Kinsta, Pelican

Website Templates ​

Bootstrap, TheMeWagon, nicepage, Templatemo, Tooplate, CSS Bed, Repth Themes, beercss / GitHub, free-css-templates, zerotheme, html5up, templated, html5xcss3

WordPress Themes ​

gpldl, wplocker, Weadown, crackthemes, Mega Drive, babiato, newtemplate, justfreewpthemes, themesplugins, wpthemesandplugins

YouTube Movies ​