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Monthly Updates [Jan] Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to our FMHY family. • Jan 1

Hi everyone, happy new year! As we bid farewell to '23, let's take a moment to reflect on the remarkable journey FMHY has had this year:

  • We made a new website, enriched with an array of handcrafted features (by me, of course) to enhance your experience and make browsing the wiki pleasant on all devices (mobile included!)
  • We opened our Discord server and reached 10k members, which introduced many new great people to this community and made contribution easy
  • We've reached 250k+ members and 31 million views on reddit!
  • Our FMHYedit repository oversaw an impressive 1k+ pull requests made by the community and merged over 8k commits!
  • This wiki has grown to be more than just a piracy index, so we felt it's about time other sections get some love. As such, we organized and separated tools sections into their own pages, which allowed us to move a lot of useful tools out of storage and make it a lot easier to discover them
  • We started the debloat arc of FMHY and went from 27k links to 24k! We've removed a lot of dead, useless, and niche links / categories, as well as re-organized a lot of sections for better clarity and easier navigation

As we enter 2024, we eagerly anticipate building on our achievements and evolving together. FMHY wouldn't be what it is today without the love and support of everyone in this community. Thank you for being an integral part of FMHY. Here's to another year of growth and success! 💙

Wiki Updates

Stars Added ⭐

  • Starred Braflix in Streaming Sites. Fast streams, no ads, nice UI, 4K + 1080p.

  • Starred Liber3 in Reading Sites. Big library, nice UI, single click downloads.

  • Starred Screenbox in Video Players. Open-source, VLC based video player with nice UI.

  • Starred Vesktop in Discord Clients. Lightweight desktop client built with Vencord.

  • Starred SydneyQt in AI Chatbots. Jailbroken Bing AI.

  • Starred App Manager in FOSS APKs. Open-source Android app package manager.

  • Starred scrcpy in Android Tools. Manage mobile devices via desktop.

  • Starred KernelSU in Android Device. Root tool that some people prefer over Magisk.

  • Starred Onion Browser in iOS Privacy. Recommended by Tor on their site.

  • Starred Wii Guide in Homebrew.

  • Starred Video2x in Video Tools. Lossless video/GIF/image upscaler.

  • Starred VCRedist in Windows Updates. Easily download all Microsoft Visual C++ redists.

  • Starred CanvasBlocker in Privacy Extensions. Prevent Javascript API fingerprinting.

Things Removed

  • Removed SevenGamers as they've decided to shut down.

  • Removed YasDL as they uploaded a version of StarDock with the same malware that filecr and others have gotten removed for.

  • Removed Torrentz2 as they've stopped indexing new torrents.

  • Unstarred LookMovie as they've added a 10 second wait before videos play.

  • Unstarred DS4Windows in gaming tools. You can just add games to steam and turn on PS4 controller support by right clicking the game.

  • Unstarred Ideogram as its no longer unlimited.

  • Removed EveryNoiseAtOnce as the dev has been let go from Spotify.

  • Removed CryptoStorm as its possibly unsafe. The owner has no ties to it anymore apparently, but its still hard to trust a company with a history this dark.

  • Removed our backups from NotABug. Their site goes down nearly every day at this point, and its become a nightmare to keep 25 wiki pages updated there. If they ever fix their issues we may bring it back.