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Monthly Updates [October]

October 2023 updates. โ€ข Oct 1

Wiki Updates

  • Created a List of Guides on rentry. This page is automated and updates itself anytime a new rentry is added or removed from FMHY. You can also download the guides yourself by using this script.

  • Made a Pokรฉmon section in Gaming Tools and an Email section in Internet Tools.

  • Added emojis to indicate when we're linking 3rd party indexes, or our storage page:

๐ŸŒ = 3rd Party Indexes (i.e. /r/PiratedGames Mega, Awesome Lists etc.)

โ†ช๏ธ = Storage Links

Stars Added โญ

  • Starred Nova AI in AI Chatbots. Gives free GPT-4 tokens.

  • Starred BlueROMs in ROM sites. Simple DDL site with lots of systems.

  • Starred Qiwi in File Hosts. Fast host that's becoming popular in piracy circles.

  • Starred Moo and Media in Video Drives. Fast drives with lots of content.

  • Starred WiiUDownloader in ROM sites. Updated more frequently than WiiUSBHelper.

  • Starred Time4TV in Live TV. Fast streams, lots of channels.

  • Starred TamperMonkey in Userscript Managers. Updated more frequently than GreaseMonkey.

  • Starred PeaZip in File Archivers. Open-source, supports many formats.

  • Starred Miru in Android Streaming. Open-source, multi-format media app.

  • Starred gibMacOS in Mac Tools. Easily download MacOS.

  • Starred AppsTorrent in Mac Software. Popular Mac Software site with many Apps.

  • Starred PlayPhrase in Video Tools. Search entire internet for video clips.

  • Starred Magic ToDo in To Do Apps. Automatic Task Breakdown AI.

  • Starred SafeSubstance in Health. Drug Information / Side Effects.

  • Starred TinyKittens in General Tools. Kitten Rescue / Donation website.

Things Removed

  • Removed RSLOAD, as theyโ€™ve uploaded the exact same version of malwarebytes with malware that FileCR got in trouble for. Weโ€™ve emailed them, so hopefully they remove it soon and we can add them back.

  • Removed from Anime Streaming as its redirecting to something else now.

  • Removed AdGuard extra and other adblock defenders as they're redundant with ublock.

  • Removed SteamSkins as Steam dropped support for them in the last update.

  • Removed Saikou from Android Anime as their GitHub has been DMCA'd.

  • Removed Uptobox from File Hosts as their datacenter was raided by french police.